Dominate Your Legal Market with Our All-in-One Case Acquisition Solution

Our comprehensive analysis of medical records empowers law firms with critical insights to build stronger legal cases.

End-to-End Case Management
Our full-service solutions cover the entire spectrum of case acquisition, from lead generation and initial intake to thorough medical review, ensuring a seamless and efficient process
Enhanced Client Experience
By prioritizing client satisfaction and delivering exceptional service at every touchpoint, we foster strong attorney-client relationships and elevate the overall client experience.
Maximized Case Value
Our strategic retention strategies are designed to maximize the value of your cases, increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes and favorable settlements.

Our Full-Service Intake Retainer

Our full intake retainment service utilizes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to generate leads, engage with prospects, qualify claims, and increase conversion rates.

Automated Lead Generation

Efficient Follow-Up

Qualified Claim Assessment

Enhanced Case Retention

Comprehensive Solutions
Designed for Law Firms

Lead Generation

Attract high-quality leads who are the right fit for your firm.

Case Intake & Intake Retainment

Streamline client onboarding and seamless case management.

Medical Record Review

Gain accurate and in-depth insights to strengthen your litigation strategy.

Full Service Retainment

Your one-stop shop for comprehensive and effective case acquisition.

Persequi AI: Your 24/7 Virtual Legal & Medical Professional

Our AI technology is dedicated to providing personalized experiences for potential clients, building trust, and driving growth for your firm.

Unlock the Power of AI

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