Persequi AI: Your 24/7 Virtual Legal & Medical Professionals

Your 24/7 Virtual Legal & Medical Professionals

Our innovative AI-powered solutions are designed to attract high-quality leads, streamline your intake process, and empower your law firm to scale with confidence.

Follow-up and Qualify Leads

Consult with our experts to understand your specific needs and goals. Gain clarity on how we can address those challenges and drive growth.

Hands-Free Case Retainment

Persequi AI handle the case retention process for you, 100% hands-free keeping your cases organized and moving forward.

Machine Learning Capabilities

With advanced machine learning, Persequi AI continually learns and adapts to be compassionate and caring.

Personalized Assistance

Lightning-fast response within 5 minutes for every lead, ensuring a positive client experience.

Available around the clock, our team of real humans handles and qualifies leads, providing a personal touch.

Live representatives seamlessly take over for cases that require human intervention.

Professional Excellence

100% HIPAA certified for confidentiality and data security, giving you peace of mind.

Smart learning capabilities continuously improve intake and qualifying accuracy for increased efficiency.


Gain valuable insights into managed leads and cases for data-driven decisions and optimization.

Track conversations to optimize dialogue usage and improve retention rates for better client interactions.

Connect with leads across multiple channels, including phone calls, emails, and online messaging platforms.

Our Services

Comprehensive Solutions Designed for Law Firms

Lead Generation

Attract high-quality leads who are the right fit for your firm.

Case Intake & Intake Retainment

Streamline client onboarding and seamless case management.

Medical Record Review

Gain accurate and in-depth insights to strengthen your litigation strategy.

Full Service Retainment

Your one-stop shop for comprehensive and effective case acquisition.

Unlock the Power of AI

Streamline Your Legal Marketing with Persequi AI